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Our equipment and facilities

Medalchemy is able to offer the usual wide range of facilities for both laboratory and Pilot Plant projects for chemical and pharmaceutical products, and has access to specialist equipment for distillation of kilo quantities of high boiling, heat-sensitive materials and low temperature reactions (up to -90 ºC). Medalchemy can carry out any project under cGMP or ISO 9000 environment to your request.

- Glass-lined jacketed reactors

- Stainless steel jacketed reactors

- Borosilicate jacketed reactors

- High vacuum short-path distillation unit

- Stainless steel centrifuges (vertical-type)

- Nutze filters

- Vacuum tray driers

- Vacuum rotary drier

- Mill

- Tumble sieve


Equipment for filtration and physical treatments are installed in cleanrooms separated from the production area.

The standard production batch size is approximately 25 kg.

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